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Irvine Courtyard

Courtyard Studios in Irvine is a purpose-built studio complex built in 1994 on Irvine's regenerated harbour front. With funding from Creative Scotland, WASPS were able to buy and refurbish the buildings. They now currently provide 17 studios of different sizes. The Courtyard has a vibrant creative community and is home to painting, bookbinding, jewellery, sculpture, photography, and collage.

All of the studios have shop-front access and are open to the public all year round so that people can drop in and speak to the artists about their work. Many offer public classes and workshops.

For more information, find the studios on Facebook: Irvine Courtyard Studios or contact Alison Thomas, one of the artists:

Courtyard Studios (image courtesy of Irvine Courtyard Studios)
Courtyard Studios (image courtesy of Irvine Courtyard Studios)
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