Town Toolkit | Midsteeple Quarter, Dumfries
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Midsteeple Quarter, Dumfries

The Midsteeple Quarter project is a community-led response to improving Dumfries town centre through a business, culture, leisure and services-based approach.

The community is taking back control of a group of under-used and neglected buildings, and securing funding to refurbish and create a vibrant living, working, socialising, learning and enterprising quarter in the heart of Dumfries.

Following development of the Blueprint Strategy and Masterplan, an appraisal model was prepared that the team can use to test options as the project develops over the next 10-15 years. This model can be adapted for each stage of the project, allowing the team to measure how well it is contributing to the overall ambitions of the project – including the number of jobs supported, homes built, businesses accommodated, and vacant properties repurposed.

See the Inspiration section of this Toolkit for more information on Dumfries.

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