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Saddle Up Clackmannan

Over the years, Clackmannanshire Council and Sustrans have built plenty of cycling and walking infrastructure in and around Clackmannan… what was missing was encouraging local people to use it. So, Clackmannan Community Development Trust has been leading a programme of cycle training, rides and maintenance courses to encourage locals back in the saddle again (or for the first time). The council, local schools and Sustrans have all lent their support. It’s a good example of building on infrastructure investment to help people change their behaviours.

As the video explains, it’s a lot easier for community organisations like a development trust to access funding to do this kind of thing. Saddle Up Clackmannan is just one of many projects that the local development trust is leading.

Visit the Sustrans website for more information about Saddle Up Clackmannan.

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