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Sheffield Grey to Green

Since 2016, Grey to Green has brought the colour and nature from Sheffield’s parks and gardens into its city centre, turning once dull streets in vibrant public spaces. The first phase replaced redundant road space on West Bar, in front of the central law courts, with wild flowers, trees and shrubs. The new public space is dotted with public art reflecting local heritage, and benches offer space to enjoy the sights and scents of plants and wildlife. The new public space doubles up as a rain garden, moderating the flow of water and creating innovative sustainable drainage in a part of Sheffield that has twice been ravaged by floods.

Subsequent phases will create a total of 1.3 kilometres of attractive new linear public spaces, creating an attractive setting for existing and new investment and jobs, an improvement in the city’s resilience to climate change, and improving connectivity.

Sheffield Grey to Green scheme (image courtesy of Nigel Dunnett)
Sheffield Grey to Green scheme (image courtesy of Nigel Dunnett)
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