Town Toolkit | Whole-town approach: Forward Coupar Angus
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Whole-town approach: Forward Coupar Angus

Forward Coupar Angus is a community-led development trust founded in 2010 to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the town Coupar Angus and its immediate surrounding area. With 230 members and 4 part-time staff, their vision is to make Coupar Angus a lively and modern community that all residents, especially families and children, enjoy being part of. Key goals are to help our community to create opportunities for a better social and working environment, while at the same time aiming to fight climate change by promoting low carbon living.

Activities include a cycling hub which is open 5 days a week, the Make A Difference squad of local volunteer fixers, a quarterly community magazine, a long-established Reuse Shop, The Function Room, Butterybank community woodland and an extensive programme of carbon literacy training.

The organisation generates funding from a whole range of grant-giving organisations and collaborates with other national and local organisations to deliver projects.

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